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As a global irrigation leader for over 30 years, Hunter has developed the technology and infrastructure to create a new class of golf irrigation solutions. With their combination of efficiency, durability, and unwavering support, there's no easier way to keep an immaculate course than with their products in the ground and their people on your side.


Patented TTS technology allows for every serviceable element of the rotor to be accessed through the top. Mechanical and electrical, big and small, you can get to every component without disturbing the playing surface. That means theres no more digging, no more unsightly scars, and more importantly, one less item on a busy superintendents schedule.


The VSX Field Controller is a premium heavy-duty irrigation controller, with up to 64 programs stored in its non-volatile memory, enabling it to water massive irrigation schedules without direction from the central computer. VSX Field Controllers include user-defined presets for one-touch triggering of common functions such as syringing and trouble-spot watering.


Download the 2014 Hunter Golf Irrigation Product Catalog with complete product information, charts, specifications and features. Browse the Hunter Golf Irrigation line of Rotors with our innovative and exclusive Total Top Service feature, and our Central Control line of products that are designed to keep you and your course looking happy and healthy.

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